Spirit-Led Leadership Development

Awaken the bold leader within and achieve optimum success in every facet of your life.

Program start date:

Monday, April 10, 2023 @7:30pm

Has Your Confidence Been Shaken?

Do You Feel Out of Place and Unsure About Your Purpose?

Go From Questioning Your Worth– To Feeling Safe & Secure in Your Kingdom Assignment. Experience the Difference When You Commit to Growing At God's Pace.

Kingdom Confidence™ Academy is a coaching program that was created to accompany coach Jesse Cole's book, "Kingdom Confidence: Demonstrating the Power, Authority, and Influence of God In Your Life & Business."

This 12-week group coaching program is designed to help Kingdom-minded leaders achieve optimum success in every facet of their life. You will learn:

  • What God says about your identity and how you can boldly use your unique spiritual authority to influence others.
  • How to identify and uproot the mental blocks that have kept you stuck so that you can take advantage of profitable opportunities.
  • How to access the power of resting in God’s grace and experience supernatural productivity, which leads to getting more done with less effort.
  • How to remain accountable to your growth after you've experienced your breakthrough.
  • Identify your Kingdom Message so that you can attract the people who need it.
  • Awaken your divine grit and stay consistent in your Kingdom Assignment.

About Coach Jesse Cole

Jesse A. Cole, Jr. is a leading voice in spirit-led coaching. He is fueled by a passion for helping leaders gain deeper confidence, spiritual significance, boldness and authenticity in every part of their life.

Known as the The Kingdom Confidence Coach™, Jesse has more than 20 years of experience as a speaker, leadership coach, and author. His commitment has seen him develop the gift for making meaningful connections with leaders from diverse backgrounds. He understands the power of teaching concepts that challenge his clients to broaden their leadership philosophy to make a bigger impact. His most recent book, “Kingdom Confidence: Demonstrating the Power, Authority, and Influence of God In Your Life and Business” has become the resource for the leader who wants to walk boldly in their Kingdom identity and assignment.

Although coach Jesse teaches on confidence, there was a time when he felt stuck and frustrated in his purpose. It wasn’t until God took him through a 2-year transformative process to break the stronghold of the spirit of rejection that Jesse began to realize who he is in Christ. Holy Spirit prompted him to document the experience which ultimately became the framework for Kingdom Confidence™.

When he is not busy speaking or coaching, Jesse enjoys keeping life simple by watching documentaries, drinking ginger tea, or spending quality time with his beautiful wife and kids.

The Kingdom Confidence™

Coaching Framework

Each week we will be breaking down the framework and showing you how you can apply it in real time.

Jeremiah 1:5

Your spiritual identity aligns with what you're called to do.

Your confidence is in Christ, but Unrighteous Beliefs can keep you bound and stuck. However, you can replace those beliefs with Righteous Beliefs and lead from a place of significance.

Philippians 4:6-8

Life's demands can cause you to live in fear, but God is inviting you to resist anxiousness, rest in His grace, and be content in His abundant provision.

Proverbs 3:5-6

You are free to be solid in your faith, build up your spiritual discipline, and grow your confidence in God’s will and His reliability.





Philippians 3:3

You have the freedom to move gracefully in your Kingdom Assignment. God desires to teach you how to demonstrate His power, authority, and influence.

God honors the hand of the diligent. He's given you the grace and equipped you with the resources to succeed, in Christ, beyond measure.

2 Timothy 4:6

The journey to completion is an invitation to remain committed to God's best for you. This sober commitment is powered by your intimate relationship with Him.




Acts 5:20

1 Corinthians 15:58

Woman Smiling and Touching Her Hair

Kingdom Confidence™ Academy is for you if...

  • You want to learn the skills to lead other's with your God-given gifts.
  • You desire to have a meaningful relationship with God so that you can rest in His provision.
  • You're tired of investing in strategies that don't speak to who you are spiritually.
  • You can see your next level, but you're stuck and want to experience a breakthrough.
  • You've allowed limiting thoughts to keep you from achieving the dreams you see in your head.

Kingdom Confidence™ Academy is NOT for you if...

Red Pencil Cross

You think you've learned all you can about being a leader.

Red Pencil Cross
Red Pencil Cross
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Red Pencil Cross

You don't honor accountability and would rather make excuses for yourself.

You are not committed to growing. spiritually.

You're afraid to be vulnerable about where you currently are.

(This is a No Mask Zone)

You don't like being coached. You'd rather remain comfortable and let opportunity pass you by.

Business Man Refusing Money to Take the Bribe

Fully step into your Kingdom Confidence. Get the security you need to dream bigger, and lead without fear or hesitation.

Program Duration, Curriculum & Investment

Program Duration: April 10th, 2023 -June 26th, 2023. We will meet as a group via Zoom every Monday at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group.

Program Curriculum: We will be using Jesse's book, "Kingdom Confidence: Demonstration the Power, Authority and influence of God In Your Life & Business." You will be mailed you copy once you complete the registration process.

Group Support: You will be invited to join the private Facebook support group once you are admitted into the program.

Additional Resources: You will have access to the online coaching program, "Kingdom Confidence Bootcamp."

Program Investment:

$1,497 (Earlybird)

$2,497 (After March 31st, 2023)

(No refunds)

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Feedback from Clients

"As kingdom leaders, we have been authorized to go big and there are principles that can help us lean into this truth. Thank you, Coach Jesse, for laying these truths and principles out for us."

- Terikka Faciane

"Coach Jesse lays out how we are to walk intentionally, boldly, and in authority with God's confidence as Leaders. It is not enough to only agree/be in partnership with God, we must take action, as well."

- Tannesha Green

"Amazing is an understatement. My experience with Kingdom Confidence was rich. It gave a lot of realistic information that leads you to dig deeper and see yourself in different view."

- Cenetta Twyman

"Knowing that God is calling me to a higher consciousness of my purpose...I am totally in a different head space, I Truly Thank God for you Sir, and for Kingdom Confidence.."

- Dimitri Patterson

Next Steps

The Kingdom Confidence™ Academy is open for a maximum of 25 qualified students. Your application process includes a 30-minute video discovery call via zoom with Coach Jesse (this is not optional). The purpose of this discovery call is for Jesse to share more of the program details with you to ensure we are a good fit. Once you schedule your discovery call and complete the application, you will receive a confirmation and a meeting reminder via email. Please check your junk mail if the confirmation doesn't show up in your main inbox.

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